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Work With Terri

In a nutshell, I offer three distinct ways for us to work together:

Below you’ll find the how tos of our working together. For more details, select the program of your choice under the Services tab.

Group Coaching

Looking to learn how to market your business online? TST Group Coaching, a private membership group, shares:

  • Technology and social media updates and how to apply them to your business immediately
  • Tools for building business through increased website traffic, lead capture pages and converting leads into customers.
  • Proven apps to improve productivity and make your life easier.
  • Secrets  for 52 weeks of content without having to write every week.
  • Tricks for improved SEO without spending money on Google advertising.
  • How to turn prospects into customers and brand advocates. Plus, much, much more!

Join TST Group Coaching now.

Individual Coaching

Whether you’re an independent consultant, business owner, professional communicator or entrepreneur, working with a personal adviser provides professional growth, inspiration and confidence to build upon your strengths and develop new skills.

Because one-to-one coaching is a working relationship built upon passion for change and commitment, I want to be certain that we are a fit. In order to set the stage for a productive, results-driven relationship, consider the following criteria.

  • Desire to improveAre you agreeable to change?
  • Commitment Will you do the work it takes to change?
  • Budget Do you have the money to make change happen?
  • Open Minded – Are you willing to act on suggestions that make you uncomfortable and stretch beyond your comfort zone?
  • Benchmarking – Are you prepared to track your efforts?

When you are ready and prepared to work, I’m here to help.

Outsource Writing and Marketing

Need a business blog that achieves results? I can help you with that.

Got great ideas for a new website or updating your current site, but can’t get the words out of your head? Yep, I can help you with that too.

Have people telling you they can’t find you online, or worse that they have found conflicting messages about you and your company? I specialize in creating consistent online profiles and biographical sketches.

When your plate is full handling the day-to-day business of your business, give me a call to handle the building of your business. Contact me for your business writing and marketing needs.


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